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The Countess Mountbatten´s Own Legion of Frontiersmen is a uniformed, civilian, voluntary organisation.

For fellowship and service to the community.
The idea is that anyone who wants can be of service to his/hers country and community. Many of the frontiersmen are retired from, or still serving in, the uniformed services: armed forces, police or fire brigade. But there are also those of us who have no uniformed background.

The Legion of Frontiersmen in the UK, and worldwide, is organizing a Search and Rescue unit, and is on a list to help the City of London Police.

We also participate in parades, to honour those who fought and died for their country.

Organisation and Order of Battle
The Legion of Frontiersmen is represented in every major commonwealth country with a command.
  • UK Command
  • Australia Command
  • New Zealand Command
  • Eastern Canada Command
  • Western Canada Command
  • British North America Command (USA)

The Legion has also undergone many rifts through the years. Some units have unfortunately broken away. Today there is an intense work going on unifying the legion.

City of London and Colour Squadron
The squadron is a part of UK Command, and based in the City of London. We use the Livery Hall of the Barber-Surgeons Company as our training hall.

The Squadron is commanded and trained by former members of Her Majesties armed forces.

British-Scandinavian Detachment
The Detachment is based in Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. We recruit all over Scandinavia and the long term goal is to establish local units all over Scandinavia.

The Detachment and its Troops are commanded and trained by members, both retired and still serving, of the Swedish armed forces and police.

Honouring the fallen, at Remembrance Day. The colour party with the regimental colour, at the Remembrance Day parade in East Ham, 2006

Frontiersmen in Parade dress (L) and Working dress (R).

Note: The Working dress on the left, in DPM Camouflage, is now worn only at unofficial events. A more civilian utility dress is worn to avoid confusion with the regular British army.


History of the Legion of Frontiersmen

The Legion was founded 1904, in London. The initiative came from Roger Pocock. Pocock had previously served in the North West Mounted Police in Canada and in the British army in the Boer War.

During the Great War 1914-18 the Frontiersmen volunteered to set up a battalion. The 25th (Frontiersmen) battalion, Royal Fusiliers, served with distinction in East Africa in 1917. The battle honours on our regimental colours comes from this period.

The Canadian Frontiersmen also set up a battalion, the 210th battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force.

During WW2 the frontiersmen never raised any unit of our own, but many frontiersmen served in many functions in the allied forces. Many frontiersmen also served as instructors in the Home Guard.

The frontiersmen last saw action in Kenya in the 1950:s.

Since then, the Frontiersmen have served their communities in a civilian capacity in many different ways.

Battle Honours
of the 25 (Frontiersmen) Battalion,
Royal Fusiliers:

  • Kilimanjaro
  • Behobeho
  • Nyangao
  • East Africa 1915-17

A very good page about the Legion of Frontiersmen history can be found at the Frontiersmen historian. This page also has some nice pictures from our 100 year celebrations.

The Australian division also have a good very history page.

Interested in joining us?

Are you interested in serving your country and community? Are you interested in being part of the fellowship of frontiersmen? Then you are welcome to join the Legion of Frontiersmen, British-Scandinavia Squadron. Anyone who wishes to be of service can be so, by joining us.

You are especially welcome to join if you have a background, or still serving in the armed forces, police or other emergency service. Then you have skills to teach other Frontiersmen.

But you are equally welcome if you have no uniformed background, and just want to be of service.

For membership, please contact Officer Commanding
Capt (LF) Ulf "Eddie" Edberg on uffe.edberg@frontiersmen.se
If you are from another country, use the links, or we will help you get in touch with the frontiersmen in your country.

God Guard Thee!


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